1000 Jahre da: Der Bremer Dom


St Peter’s Cathedral is where it all began for the city of Bremen, and the spread of Christianity across northern Europe was masterminded from here. The influence of the archdiocese of Bremen extended through Scandinavia all the way to Iceland, and along the coast to the Baltic states. After Charlemagne established the diocese of Bremen in 787, the bishops continued to expand and embellish their cathedral. Finally, in 1042, the magnificent building we can still admire today began to take shape. The guided tour of the cathedral takes you on a journey through 1,200 years of Bremen history.


Saturday 12.30 pm

Meeting point
At the end of the right-hand aisle by the cathedral museum

Please note: due to official engagements and concert rehearsals, the dates are only released for booking around a month in advance. If the cathedral needs to close at short notice, a replacement tour will be offered.

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