Crime and punishment (for pupils)



The crime and punishment tour.Hear about unsolved crimes from the past, visit places where injustice has been inflicted and justice served, and see the signs that good and bad remain unhappy bedfellows today. This foreign-language guided walk of Bremen's historical city centre sheds light on the sentencing and execution of olden-day criminals, and lifts the lid on some gross miscarriages of justice. A look inside one of the cramped prison cells in the old Ostertor guard house provokes shock and fascination in equal measure.

€ 80.00 per group (plus € 35.00 for every additional hour)

daily on request until 31.12.2020 (not available during the christmas market from 23.11.-23.12.2020, approx. 2 hours)

Guided tour of the historical city centre including visit to the old Ostertor guard house.

Groups of up to 25.