Town Hall and Roland statue - World Cultural Heritage of Bremen

Guided tour for groups


Yes, Bremen's town hall is beautiful. It's probably the city's most photographed landmark after the Bremen Town Musicians statue. But what in particular made UNESCO declare it a World Cultural Heritage site together with the Roland statue in 2004? There is no higher accolade for a building, and puts the ensemble on Bremen's market square alongside the Pyramids of Giza and the Acropolis. Bremen town hall with its Weser Renaissance façade is shrouded in enthralling myths and legends and is still a place where old-established traditions are upheld. The Upper Hall and Banqueting Hall serve as venues for state receptions, the oldest fraternal formal dinner in the world, music events, and much more besides. The proud, stone Roland statue stands as an emblem of Hanseatic Bremen's liberty and independence. Learn how to interpret the symbols and his line of vision. After talking you through the Roland statue, your expert tour guide takes you around the entire building, including the Upper Hall and Banqueting Hall, and you can take a glimpse inside the Golden Chamber – the art nouveau masterpiece by Heinrich Vogeler.

€ 130,- per group (for foreign languages); Sat-Sun € 130,- per group (up to 15);
Sat-Sun € 195,- per group (up to 25) with security escort 

1 two-hour guided tour incl. tour of the town hall (approx. 1 hour)

daily on request until 31.12.2020
The town hall is closed to tours during official events.

Groups of up to 25

Please note:
Backpacks and shopping bags are not permitted on the tour of the town hall for security reasons. They can be left, at your own risk, in the unattended cloakroom in the foyer during the guided tour.