From town musician to the Schnoor quarter - the bremen historic city (Group)

Guided tour for groups


From the Town Musicians to the Schnoor quarter The Bremen Town Musicians, the Schlachte Embankment and the Schnoor quarter, plus the market square and Böttcherstrasse – this guided tour of the city is so comprehensive that it could even teach the locals a thing or two about Bremen.
In 90 minutes we show you all the main attractions while leaving enough time to go off the beaten track as well. Why do the Bremen Town Musicians stand in the corner, why do people spit behind the cathedral and why does Bremen of all places have the world's largest collection of German wines?

This is a tour of Bremenlotsen. 

80,00 € per group (max. 10 people), every additional person plus 4,00 €
Daily on request until 31.12.2020 (approx. 1,5 hrs)