Guided walking tour through the old town (group)

Guided tour for groups


The guided city tour through the Old Town of Bremen offers city history and stories from the city in one. We visit the market square with its historic buildings, the artistic Böttcherstrasse, walk along the Weser promenade where the historic harbour was located and finally reach the medieval Schnoorviertel with its narrow alleys and tiny houses. Among other things, you will learn what the Roland is all about, what art and decaffeinated coffee have to do with an old craftsmen's street and why people in Bremen spit on a small square stone in front of the cathedral. Of course we also visit the world-famous Bremen Town Musicians during the tour.

This is a tour from Stadtgeschichten Bremen

150,00 € per group (up to 10 persons); every additional person plus € 4.50

180,00 € per group (up to 10 persons); every additional person plus € 4.50

Please note:
From 8 pm a surcharge of € 20,00 must be paid per group.

daily on request until 31.12.2020 (approx. 2 hours)

Please note:
To ensure the quality of my tours, I use a tour guide system. If your group is larger than 25 people, please let me know so that I can arrange to have one of my friendly colleagues lead the second group. In this case the guided tours take place without a tour guide system or only one group will use the system.