Chocolat class

Guided tour for groups


Theory and practical application are the two key elements of the seminars at Confisierie Süße Ideen. Learn all there is to know about the history of chocolate and marzipan, from growing the ingredients to the manufacture and various levels of quality of the finished product. And you just might encounter one or two surprising flavours during the tasting.

Choose a theme:

Chocolate 1 – The food of the gods: from the Aztecs to today. .
Chocolate 2 – Along the Silk Road: spiced chocolate and unusual combinations.
Marzipan – From Orient to Occident: the history of the almond

This is an offer of the chocolate shop Süße Ideen.


€ 12.90 per person

Dates on request, Mon-Fri starting at 6 pm, Sat starting at 2 pm, Sun starting at 12 noon (duration approx. 90 minutes).

approx. 8 samples and mineral water.

For groups of 7 up to 17 people