Borgward, Bertha, Benz and Bremen (Group)

Guided tour for groups


Does this sound like a guided tour in a car museum in Bremen? Of course. But this is not an ordinary tour. One of the Tour Guides will be the mechanic "Felix Otto" and the other one ist the reporter "Rudi Hanfstängl". Together they will guide you through SCHUPPEN 1. Talking about the old Borgward, the Mercedes SLK Roadster and the future of Borgward and the history of SCHUPPEN 1 you will take part in an unusual tour. And Attention...don`t pull the brake...there is not only technical stuff to talk about.

This is a tour of THEATER INTERAKTIWo / Schuppen Eins Bremen.

€ 60,00 per group (up to 20 persons)

daily on request until 31.12.2021 (approx. 1 hour)