True or false? A very special guided tour (group)

Guided tour for groups


Your ingenuity is in demand. During an entertaining city tour through Bremen's Old Town, you'll hear funny anecdotes and interesting facts about the city's history and present situation. What makes it unusual is that during the tour you'll be shamelessly presented a few falsehoods, which you have to uncover. At the beginning of the tour each guest receives a sheet with the checkboxes "true" or "false" for each special story told during the tour. You have to decide which option to tick. At the end you’ll  receive the answers which stories were true and which were simply a pack of lies. You'll be surprised by which stories turn out to be true and which were made up.

€ 150.00 per group (up to 10 persons)
Each additional person plus 4.00 €

€ 180.00 per group (up to 10 persons)
Each additional person plus 4.00 €

From 8 pm a surcharge of € 20,00 must be paid per group.

Please note
To ensure the quality of my tours, I use a tour guide system. If your group is larger than 25 people, please let me know so that I can arrange to have one of my friendly colleagues lead the second group. In this case the guided tours take place without a tour guide system or only one group will use the system.

daily on request (approx. 2 hours)