Cycling safari (German)


This exciting treasure hunt takes you right through the centre of the historical Hanseatic city. As you follow the trail, you’ll discover the many different sides to Bremen: historical attractions, maritime flair by the river, verdant oases at the heart of the city, urban living and innovative visitor centres. What’s more, there are puzzles to solve and surprises in store! Along the way, you’ll encounter fascinating facts and entertaining stories.

Includes: 1 quiz booklet (german)and pen per team (on loan), 2 surprises per person en route. Duration: approx. 4–5 hours, depends on your cycling speed.

Please note: The safari starts at the tourist information office in the main train station. A stop on the last third of the route closes at 6pm, so you’ll need to take this into account when planning your cycling time. The safari takes about 4–5 hours. The tourist information office opens at 9am on weekdays and at 9.30am at weekends, and you decide when to start.

This tour is only offered in German language.

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