Guided space tour (German)


In Bremen you can reach for the stars! For the city of Bremen is in fact one of the leading centres for space travel in Europe. The European contribution to the International Space Station (ISS) was built at the Airbus. The ISS is in orbit some 400 kilometres above Earth, so delivering supplies is a real challenge for engineers: how does water and food get to the astronauts? How do people live, sleep, and carry out research in zero gravity? Once you step inside our replica of the Columbus module, expert guides will provide you with the answers to these and other fascinating questions. The 1:1 scale model of the Columbus space laboratory, the original of which is part of the International Space Station (ISS) circling 400 kilometres above Earth at 28,000 kilometres per hour, is open to visitors. And take a look at the simulation and diagnosis room, where the engineers on the ground maintain contact with the International Space Station. And do you know how much a litre of milk weighs on the moon or on Saturn or Venus? Space travel: another giant leap for mankind, an entertaining journey for you! You'll be collected by coach from Wachtstrasse near the market square and taken to the Airbus site near the airport, where the guided tour will take place. Journey time is approximately ten minutes. After the tour, you'll return by coach to your starting point in the city centre.

The bus has one fixed wheelchair space (Entrance about an electronic ramp); reservation is necessary.

€ 18.50 per person, €15.50 for Pupils, Students and Children 10-13 years, persons with wheelchair (only with a foldable one) are free of charge, the attendant person must pay full price. Handicaped people with more than 50% disability get an reduction of 20 %.

Saturdays at 2pm+4pm until 12/21/2019 (on 02/23/ and 10/26/2019 only at 4pm), Duration 2 hours

Meeting point
Domsheide / in front of concert house " Die Glocke"

Participants from non- EU countries may require a special permit. Please ensure that you are aware of all requirements beforehand
Please note: for security reasons, please carry your passport/ID with you at all times. Minimum age is 10 years, children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Subject to change without notice. There are no public toilets in the visitor center. Tours may be cancelled at any time for operational reasons. Tours are only offered in German Language.

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