Beer Seminar Freie Brau Union (German)


Find out in an experienceable and clear craft brewery exciting all around the subject Beer and the BREMEN Craft beers which are produced to 100% in Bremen hand and are bottled. In a big brewery walk points onemaster brewer malt camp, broth house, camp cellar and filling. Competently the production is explained by beer. With a detailed tasting there is a lot of information about the Bremen beer history and brewing history as well as to the Craft beer movement. Test the taste variety of several beer kinds in combination with bread morsel, cheese and chocolate.

60 min. guided tour of the brewery as well as 90 min. of seminar with tasting of 6x 0.1 l of Craft beer or 2x 0.33 l of soft drink, bread morsels, cheese and chocolate.

2,5 hours


Saturday at 12.30pm

Meeting place
Area of Freie Brau Union Bremen, Theodorstrasse 12

If you like to eat after your beer seminar in the restaurant, please book a table in advance!

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