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Bremen tourism online

‘Well, I never knew that!’ 
... is a phrase often uttered by people visiting the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen for the first time. The city is known for its history and traditions, a town hall that forms part of a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the famous Bremen Town Musicians. It has something of a fairytale flair, but coupled with a decidedly cosmopolitan outlook. Bremen is also the eleventh-largest city in Germany, a European centre for the space and aeronautics industries, and home to the Überseestadt district, one of the largest urban development projects in Europe. Bremen is a destination full of surprises – there’s always more to discover. Book your trip to Bremen with the local experts. 

Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten

Bremen at a glance

The following page will give you an initial impression of our home city and favourite place to be! But of course the best way to discover the essence of Bremen is to see for yourself. Or as the locals would say: “Kiek mol rin!” 

Blick auf den historischen Weihnachtsmarkt auf dem Bremer Marktplatz

Christmas market and Schlachte magic

The historic Hanseatic city of Bremen is a dazzling sight in the festive period.

Schmale Straße im ältesten Viertel Bremens, dem Schnoor

Places of interest


Blick auf die beleuchtete Bremer Kunsthalle in den Wallanlagen

Art & culture

Museums, theatre and art galore

Gruß vom Bremer Freimarkt


It’s all happening in Bremen!

Führung im Sudhaus von der Brauerei Beck & Co

Behind the scenes

From big brands to small producers

Ein Paar beim Essen in der hisorischen Halle des Bremer Ratskellers

Eating & going out

Food, drink and good company in Bremen

Frau mit Einkaufstüten auf dem Bremer Marktplatz


Retail therapy at its best

Blick auf Schiffe an der abendlichen Weserpromenade Schlachte

Ships and boats

See, visit and enjoy a trip aboard beautiful ships

Familie mit Hund beim Picknick im Bürgerpark, dahinter sind Ruderer zu sehen

Leisure & days out

Activities in and around Bremen

Blick auf die Tourist-Info in der Böttcherstraße

Everything you need to know about tourism in Bremen

The website provides all the information you need as a guest in our beautiful city – from historical sights and heritage to Bremen’s nightlife and events.

Blick auf das blau-weiße Wohnzimmer-Zelt mit Schnaps-Wegweiser auf der Breminale-Festival an der Weser

Insider tips on the Bremen blog

Which bar is the hippest? Where do they serve the best cocktails or the best fish? What are some of most popular places among the locals? Explore the city of Bremen from a personal perspective with the Bremen blog.

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